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About us

Some Informations about us!


Hello there! If you got here, it means you want to know more about us! And that can only make us happy!

My name is Andreea Oancea, and I want to give you some information about our product and the Sky Sparkle team!

The company was recently founded in 2021 out of the desire to introduce a beneficial product to the market for everyone, regardless of age!

The COVID 19 pandemic played an important role, because we realized that people need to be helped to relax as much as possible during these stressful days for everyone!

So we've joined forces to bring the Sky Sparkle projector into your homes! This product has a very important purpose! To relax you! Your children! Or your friends! No matter who uses the product, the effects will definitely be felt instantly!

With the touch of a button, you'll be teleported to your own universe! Where relaxation and well-being await you!

Also, your kids will be more than delighted with the Sky Sparkle projector! It will boost their creativity and relax them in a unique way! The thousands of products already sold in Romania have confirmed what I mentioned before!

Having said that, we want to thank you for your trust! For all feedback both positive and negative! And we promise you that we will continuously work on improving our product!

Sincerely, Team Sky Sparkle!